Let’s take a trip down memory lane ... June 11, 2018

For those that know me personally, you know I LOVEDDDD my career before real estate...so join me as I take a trip down memory lane....

* I was hired May of 2013 and placed as an assistant manager August of 2013 through their management and training program

* promoted to store manager January 2015 

* Graduated with my MBA in 2016

* Promoted to Sales Rep June 2016

* Began my real estate journey February 2017 

* Opened 3 businesses June 2017

* Lost my childhood friend June 2017

* Quit my job of 5 years June 11th 2018

Yes, that was 3 promotions in 3 years totaling $30,000 and two full time jobs for over a year. Totaling over 1.1 million in revenue in every role. 

 Along with the wonderful experience, I received help with paying for my masters degree, and a generous salary and bonus structure. This also came with having to deal with some not so fun comments from my immediate supervisor in my last corporate role like:

“Well that’s what first year sales reps make, your M.B.A. (Which they paid for) doesn’t hold weight in this position” (someone that didn’t even finish college )

“ Are you sure you aren’t being the angry black woman” (cursed him slam out) 

“Well I’m putting you with this person to mentor you because how do I say it? She’s BLACK” 

“ you’re using being black and a woman as a crutch” (cursed him slam out here too) 

 Outside of these comments, I also had to reach out to him regarding comments from customers which included , “I’m not calling her back, she’s BLACK and a GIRL” which he refused to address.

The icing on the cake was when my immediate supervisor thought it was cute to say to my counterpart “oh this is where Chelsea grew up” in an unfavorable part of town, nor was I around to defend myself (foh, always lived in a house and never told you where I grew up). 

Now I knew my time was coming to an end because when it's time to grow, God makes it so uncomfortable for you, you have no other choice. Did I know it would be June 11th 2018? NOPE! I had a wonderful position that allowed me freedom to only see this individual once a month but would find me crying my eyes out the night before “ride alongs”. I tried to make a complaint to hr back in March of 2018 but the individual who took my complaint stated I didn’t say it in a professional tone. I immediately withdrew my statement because I saw where that was going.I’m sorry I lost my cool explaining racial discrimination and overall being treated poorly. To make matters worse, she put a letter on my file speaking about the allegations but thought it was important to highlight my tone during the conversation. Oh did I mention I was the only BLACK person in every role I was in , in the district? Enough was enough. When I actually quit I didn’t even lose my cool because of all the stuff I had endured with this particular individual butttt I did receive a certified letter stating when I quit I yelled “F*CK _________ “ . Nothing could have been further from the truth. I also had to deal with my peers (the same peers I coached , managed , and developed) asking me was the woman in charge of Women’s Empowerment in our district (me), curse _________ out and make a scene? I didn’t even try to clear anything up because honestly they didn’t deserve a second more of my time or energy. 

How you let someone treat you, is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. I loved me enough to completely walk away from something I loved(my previous career), because I was terrified to say anything. DO NOT BE LIKE ME!!! 

Well , well , well...here I am 6 months later to the date and not only living ...but flourishing. That same individual that tried to bury me had no idea how beautifully I would truly bloom.