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Lou Lou LLC enrollment deposit

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So Lou Lou LLC was created June of 2017 from my extensive love for coaching and development. I’ve been in a Coaching /Development/ Training role  for the last 10 years , so in 2017 I decided to turn something I loved into my everyday work. Lou Lou LLC is my accountability program that targets all the processes of business ownership, entrepreneurship, tying processes together , time management , and so much more! Often times, people don’t understand all that goes into running a business so that’s where I come in. The programs is 12 weeks long and the next session starts April 1st. 

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions , this program may be the program for you:


Want a new job ? 

Want a promotion, but it seems you’re always overlooked ? 

Want a raise in your current role ?

You run a business ? 

You want to run a business one day ? 

If you answered “yes “ to any of those , we may need to set up a call to further discuss how I may be able to assist! 


You’re the only one stopping the life you actually want to live! Let me help unlock those thoughts and possibilities for you!